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Re: Who are you?
« Reply #180 on: November 04, 2022, 12:49:38 pm »
My name's Liz, I'm 33, and I'm from the USA. I started playing KoL as a college student in 2010 and picked it back up for a while in 2015 to kill time while working front desk at a hotel when I was in grad school, but it fell off my radar again until a few weeks ago. I played Roadwarden on Steam last month and it got me in the mood for more text-based RPGs, which got me thinking about KoL, so I fired up the old account. (I also played West of Loathing in the meantime, which was super fun and really reminded me how much I love all of the wordplay in this game.)

My main account is hopeandmemory, but I have a number of alts—not for farming or anything against the rules, but just because I like trying out all of the different classes and seeing how the nemesis quests are different for each of them. I did my first ascension recently and reclassed from Disco Bandit to Accordion Thief, but I think next go-around I might switch to Pastamancer, since that is my favorite class. Maybe I'll try a **** run, too!

I have never joined a clan before now, so I am a little shy/nervous because I'm not really sure how the basement thing works (though I think I have the karma balance needed to access it?). But I'm eager to learn and help if I can!