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Welcome Wagon Guide
« on: December 14, 2022, 10:52:57 am »
Hi, clannies! Our clan’s Welcome Wagon is responsible for welcoming all new active clannies.
We send housewarming gifts (food, booze, restores, familiars, skill books) and a quick guide with useful information.

The Welcome Wagon team is UnusualScar (#2868593), Queen Zo (#1216502) and Quelzie (#3549690), represented in game by Amicrobial (#1555212)

We gift all new clanmates with donations suggested at Amicrobial's display case, also listed here:
To contribute, just kmail Amicrobial with the itens that you wish to donate.

If you wanna contribute on a regular basis, please check the guide:

All donators get a place of honor at Amicrobial's Welcome Wagon Terrarium of Fame :D

TY all clannies for making the Welcome Wagon a reality! <3
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