Author Topic: Captain Yaksworth Railroad Welcome Wagon Challenge (November 23)  (Read 133 times)


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Captain Yaksworth Railroad Welcome Wagon Challenge (November 23)
« on: November 01, 2023, 01:51:44 pm »
The tracks heading through Seaside Town are so full of mysteries and future expansions pending that not even the Council knows what Lyle is uo to!
Captain Yaksworth said enough is enough and took over the Welcome Wagon contest this month, so we are coming up with our own Old CW Kol railway o/

This can be anything you'd like:
A quick description of a carriage;
A drawing of a monster to fight on the train;
An idea for how a station would work in game!

Only rule is to keep it short like this:

Rolling Stock
This carriage went out with the 6pm soup train, a brisque journey from seaside town to the chowder flats in the south of the Kingdom.
You would need gold bouillon, as it was expensive for passengers, but serving as both a dining and a bathing car, it was the best of broth worlds.
I'm so sorry.

(Thanks Cap, this game keeps making me hungry ~Quelzie)

Grand prize:    Model train set
Second place:  Mr Accessory
Third place:     DIY laser eye kit
All runners up: Bastille Batallion 1 day pass

The contest will run from 1st November till the raffle draw by Cap on the 27th. Post your entries at our discord or here at the clan forum.

CHOO CHOO clannies and GL!
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I had a concept all drawn up for the Train of Thought...

but I then I lost it


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KoL ID: (#3599735)

Monster: Pretentious Art Critic
Scenario: Fumble/Missed attack message.

"You beg to learn about a nearby art piece before they kick your ass. They passionately describe its philosophical depth and emotional symbolism for 2 hours before realizing it was just garbage that missed the can."
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Captain Yaksworth

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@everyone - the Railroad Challenge prizes are here!

1st Place (Model Train Set): @Bossks Boss
2nd Place (mr A): @Drasc
3rd Place (diy laser eye kit): The_tainted_window (forum)

Everyone else gets a bastille battalion piece - you should have a package from my alt - brightfeather - now. Let me know if anyone's missing one!